Pregnancy Care



Finding out you are pregnant can be a wonderful experience yet can also be quite overwhelming for some. There can be so many emotions flying around and lots of questions you may need help with. Should you find yourself in the position of needing some extra support and assistance, listed below are just some of the services we can offer:


  • Evidence-based information
  • Exploring your options
  • Information signposting
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Preparing for the birth of your baby


Should you wish to discuss anything specific to you and your pregnancy, please get in touch or find out more about our pregnancy care by clicking below.

Post Natal Care

You’ve had your baby and are on cloud nine and the love and joy you feel is second to none! This can also be an overwhelming time, especially if there are other little people that are craving your attention. We want to help you ease the transition from being maiden to mother by providing tailored post-natal care that suits you, your baby and family. Listed below is some of the support offered at Banba Birth Space:


  • Wholesome nutritional support
  • Baby feeding support
  • Support with siblings
  • Transitional support
  • Birth debriefing


Should you need support with additional aspects of your pregnancy and birth, please contact me to discuss further. More information can be found by clicking the link below.


Hypnobirthing is a way of using positive words and phrases to help you reframe the way you think about birth. Here at Banba Birth Space we offer courses in the amazing and well known KGHypnobirthing. These courses aim to provide mother and birth partners alike with knowledge, tools and skills to enhance the journey of labour and birth with the goal of helping you to achieve a positive birth.


Listed below are some of the topics covered during our courses:


  • Relaxation
  • Breathing
  • Visualisation
  • Positive thinking
  • The options available

Discover our range of full Hypnobirthing services available to you by clicking below.

The Daddy Doula

Becoming a Father is a truly wonderful experience, it can also be quite overwhelming for some. Fathers and partners will often have questions relating to pregnancy, birth and the early weeks following the birth of a baby. The transition from bachelor to father is one of the most precious times in a man’s life, so listed below are just some of the topics covered to ensure you are feeling prepared and positive for your new role:


  • Pregnancy support
  • Labour and birth support
  • Supporting new mums
  • Looking after baby in the early weeks
  • Self-care for new dads


This is a 3 hour long course that covers all the important topics and questions that most new dads want to ask but don’t. This course was built to provide new dads with the confidence and skills to ensure they are fully prepared as they take their first steps into fatherhood. To find out more about The Daddy Doula click on the link below.