A bit about me…

A bit about me…

Hello, my name is Karen and I welcome you wholeheartedly to Banba Birth Space.


I am the third child of large family of the 80’s and have grown up surrounded by strong, passionate women who instinctively provided the best start in life to their babies.

I have always been a part of a vibrant and empowering community of women who supported and guided each other to become confident in their innate skills of mothering their babies.


I have 4 children who were all born in their own unique way that was perfect for us both. Each pregnancy and birth I have experienced has thought me so much about the choices women have and how to use information in a way that enhances the journey of pregnancy and birth.


After my second child was born I began to explore birth and pregnancy a little further. I became intrigued by what my body and mind had achieved. The more I read the more I knew that supporting women through pregnancy, birth and beyond was what I was here to do. When I examined my own first two births I realised I had not been afforded the vital support and information that is so important during this precious time, and it was at this point that I began my journey to becoming a Doula. I explored they many ways in which women can be supported and why this was not happening as it should. My second two births (unintended free-birth and homebirth) were calm, relaxed and very healing and ultimately gave me the nudge to seek formal training.


I have trained with the Red Tent Doulas. This woman centred course provided many avenues to explore on my journey and highlighted that I have been offering doula support to my friends and family over the years and it confirmed my love of the wonder and miracle of pregnancy and birth.


I am also fully trained in KGHypnobirthing and believe this can offer women an extra level of support and empowerment during their time with me.


As a member of Doula.UK, a community of doulas, I abide by their philosophy and code of conduct at all times.


I try to practice yoga as much as possible during the week, but with a growing family it is not always easy. I guess my main priorities are my family and making time for us all to be together to learn and experience life together.


My passion in life is to offer my knowledge and experience to women so that they can find their own hidden strength and power to be the women they were born to be.


I believe women should be supported, encouraged to birth their babies with fully informed choices in way that is inspiring and empowering to themselves and their families.